What are the worst times you’ve ever encountered?
Edwards BibleTechMy worst times I can say they have been so many, but the most difficult ones mmh…..”EDUCATION LIFE”
What about it?
Yes, actually I didn’t know if I will be able to step in a class in my life.  By God’s grace I managed but still life was so hard.

My parents didn’t have that enough money to support for our education. Mostly Momma was responsible for everything, Daddy, mmh… Yes… I’m sorry to say this… Papa did not care for us so much cause in my lifetime, only 10% of the year you could find him sober but the rest of the days he was always drunk.
A few money he got he usually spend it on drinking. Mama was so burdened, without any employment; she struggled to bring us up. Moreover, we hardly had peace at home. Papa would come home mostly in late hours i.e. around 10.00 p.m. and start a quarrel. Sometimes, he could end up beating Maw hardly causing her face to swell. Sometimes he could take a panga or a knife claiming to kill her. At young tender age I was worried cause, I didn’t understand why Papa could do that to Mamma. I always went down to my knees to cry unto the Lord to intervene cause, I didt like what was going on especially shedding innocent blood.
This rift could cause our parents to separate for a while. This is the time I faced the most difficult challenges, really, I found it so hard to balance between school work and house chores. Paw would leave in the morning and return tonight. We had to struggle hard to find our basic needs (burning charcoal was my main source of income. I could use the little money obtained to purchase school uniform and other needs and that’s how we coped with life.
Due to these obstacles how was your performance at school ?
Mmh… OK, performance was not so bad, yah… at primary my work was eminent that’s I performed very well cause I led from class one to eight during normal exams. Unfortunately I was defeated in final exams (KCPE) by index 2 with only 3marks
What was your reaction towards the defeat?
I just accepted because a 3 marks defeat was not that great challenge so it was just as normal.
Now after passing your examination, taking consideration you’re  number 2 at your school how did you feel?
This is the time I could laugh and cry simultaneously.
OK, I felt happyimg451 because I had passed but confused since I was not sure if I will make it to high school.
What happened, did you manage to High school?
Yes, I managed but after a struggle.  At first I found school where they offered a free scholarship. Yah I had to learn free but … it was a bit a long distance (almost 15KM away and it was a day school). Fortunately I didn’t go to that school. I found a nearest day and boarding school where I secured a chance in form one as a day scholar
And maybe did you have someone who could help you financially, so instead of being a day scholar you become a boarder?
Good question. Yes I had but they were unwilling to help, I can guess they were mean and full of contempt. I remember one of my uncles asking one of my primary teachers in satirical manner, where I had been admitted and if my parents will manage to pay the school fees but by God’s grace I managed to go through form one without him giving out even a shilling towards my school fees.
So how did you get the money you paid?
We usually obtained the money by just selling some of our animals, trees and later one of my mum would also lend a hand. In form two I had to join boarding but before that, just two days to opening, something happened!!! Papa was found lying hopelessly in a trench along the road.
Lying… sick or?
Sick… yes, not biological sickness. He had serious physical injuries- he had serious beatings and his spinal cord damaged which I can describe his back was broken. That was the day he could never walk until now.
How did they go about it?
He was taken to Kakamega Provincial General Hospital but they were unable to get the solution and he was referred to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital Eldoret but due to insufficient capital he was taken home where he received some treatment and later taken to St. Elizabeth Mukumu hospital but all in all they were unable he was returned home where he is still recovering a little at time.
How is his state right now?
Now he has really improved since earlier on he could not feel anything, his legs were completely paralyzed- he could not feel any pain even if you placed his legs in burning fire. He can also sit upright and even turn but before he couldn’t do anything I mean all organs were dead except the heart.
What can you say about this situation?
I thank God for adding him more breathe everyday, cause most of the people have been ashamed of themselves. Some said, “Hatamaliza hata wiki” but perplexingly some of those who said that are past tense.
Did these affect your schoolwork?
Somehow it did. Since most nights I didn’t have enough sleep, I could spent most nights helping Mama to take care of Papa who was writhing in pain, crying all the night. So I was mentally disturbed when I went to school in the morning I was just feeling tired and sleepy which caused me to start dozing in class. It was also difficult to balance between paying school fees and Papa’s treatment. These caused many people to feel very happy cause they thought I will not continue with my education.
But how did you cope with boarding life?
I tell you God is faithful and He works in great ways we can not see… At school, I just started earning a little money over a sudden. I started repairing padlocks for students who had lost their keys, watches, calculators, torches, among others. When we closed schools I could use that 1-2 weeks just looking for different methods I would use to get money for my shopping … I usually worked in people’s farm from dawn to sunset and the little I got is what I would use for my upkeep at school. I could also sacrifice to make bricks so as they may be sold to assist in school fees payment.
Due to that how your performance
Performance was not so bad even though our class was so competitive I could manage to appear among the top 8
So what was your dream?
Before I sat for my final exams I had always dreamed to be a doctor so that I may help Papa to get up from his sick bed. But… after exams, since I knew I won’t score 83 points to pursue Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, I lowered my standards to a nurse and if nursing fails then I could rather do Engineering. Yah… my fellow students supported me to do engineering. They usually called me an engineer since I made crazy things in hostels and Science Days.
Was your dream fulfilled?
Partly yes, I managed to score 79 points which were inadequate for nursing since I had failed in Biology with a B+ so I chose engineering since I had done well in physics and chemistry which I think is my best course right now.
What’s your feeling, if you consider the situation you have passed through and now you are in campus pursuing one of the top courses?
I’m so happy especially being the first to have a direct entry to the university in our lineage, my cousins have made it but on parallel basis. Actually after that malice, contempt and despise, here I am.
How is campus life?
Here we have freedom but there is no time for the freedom itself I mean some courses need a lot of time due to a lot of assignments given out by lecturers. Moreover, you find what is studied here is more complex than that is done in high school. Taking consideration that there is repeating then probably you will choose to work hard to avoid repeating certain units or discontinuation from the university.
 What can you tell everyone who will be reading his this?
Thank you so much, eeh…It’s my advice to everyone that God has a reason to everything that happens to you, be it positive or negative. So there is no need to give up in life, it doesn’t matter what you are passing through, just try to overcome by just trusting in the Lord. Remember sufferings are there to strengthen us so put your faith in the Lord and all winding will be straightened; for its only God who can turn a mess into a message, a trial into a triumph, a test into a testimony and a victim into a victory.


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